Watch the spectacular sunrise on Teide

An unforgettable experience you should have once in your life.

Jeep safari at Teide
Teide National Park in a Jeep On board a four wheel drive Jeep you will discover Teide National Park, the most visited national park in Spain.  
Watching the sunrise or sunset on Teide is an unforgettable experience that you should not miss.  
Teide trails

Trail to Pico Viejo lookout is now open. The rest of the upper station trails remain closed. For more information you can contact the national park at 922 92 23 71 or by email at

Snow Teide 2014
If you are going to ascend to the Altavista refuge keep in mind these recommendations for snowy weather.  
via lactea y guajara
These are images taken by Jaime E. Díaz last November at the area of Roques de García and Guajara. Click on this post from our blog in order to see all pictures.