Guía Teide

The highest guide in Spain

Do you know the secrets of the trails on Teide?

Discover them in the new “Guide for ascending Teide Peak”. 

Thru Volcano life experience, we offer you the chance to fly over the island´s incredible landscapes in total safety.    
A ride in the cable car is the only way to enjoy marvellous routes on your visit to Mt Teide: Route No. 10 to the Crater of Mt Teide, Route No. 11, La Fortaleza Vantage Point and Route No. 12, Pico Viejo Vantage Point.
Teleférico Teide

Due to the effects of the recent snowfall, we regret to inform that the cable car will remain closed until Saturday, 19 April. We will advise as soon as we are operational. Remember you can also follow us on the social networks.

Sometimes it seems like nature conspires to offer us amazing spectacles. It happens with solar eclipses: because the Sun and Moon appear to be identical in size from our perspective we see these phenomena.
The bleak appearance of Teide National Park does not give any hint of the plant universe that emerges in spring, which, together with its geological treasures, makes it a unique place in the world.